COVID or no COVID: Indians are ready to unpause in 2021

January 13, 2021 As 2021 gets off to a shaky but hopeful start with everyone looking to put 2020 behind them, Inshorts conducted a New Year poll with over three lakh respondents giving their opinion on life as they see it in the new year.

Vaccine rollouts notwithstanding, about 70% respondents said that the COVID-19 pandemic will stay put for the majority of 2021 as well. However, almost 41% respondents said that they will seek to reclaim some aspects of their pre-pandemic life in 2021 that came to a stop in 2020.

From getting travel plans back on their bucket lists to pondering over the future of workspaces, here’s what Indians said:

1. From the couch to the office desk?

Work from home became the new normal and over 40% respondents want that to continue. Only 27% want to return full-time to office spaces, while 33% respondents want a hybrid working model which sits somewhere comfortably between the two extremes.

2. It’s time to disco?

When asked if they would be going to social places like movie theatres or clubs in 2021, almost 44% of respondents felt that it was time to get out of the lockdown sweatpants and put on their dancing shoes once again.

3. No more #ThrowbackThursday?

With all the travel restrictions in place, social media was stormed with recycled photos of sunbathing at the beach and strolling in the hills. However, about 62% of respondents said that vacation is on the cards and they would travel in 2021, giving some serious wanderlust goals.

4. How many pushups does it take?

Though most of the previous year was spent cooped up at home, people did not stay back from making their health a priority. From drinking traditional immunity boosters to pulling out the dusty old yoga mat, health came first. 95% of respondents said that they would continue their health and hygiene routine in 2021 as followed during the pandemic. It looks like self-care will be trending this year too.

With sanitizers in every pocket and masks always on, COVID or no COVID, Indians are all set to unpause in 2021.

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