8 out of 10 millennials support inter-caste marriage in India – Inshorts ‘Pulse of the Nation’ poll

The poll, conducted in the third week of June 2018 captured the views of 1.3 lakh netizens
More than 90% males are ready to equally split wedding expenses

  • More than 70% males do not think their partners should change their maiden names
  • For 84% females, it doesn’t matter if there partner earns less or more than them
  • Only 7% males are not comfortable with higher incomes of their partners
  • 25% females get married under societal pressure

New Delhi, June 29 , 2018 – The institution of marriage is constantly evolving with millennials today having complex attitudes towards commitments, companionship and gender stereotyping. To understand this paradigm shift of opinions, inshorts conducted it’s latest ‘Pulse of the Nation’ survey that gives a new meaning to how marriages are interpreted in India. The views of over 1.3 lakh netizens were conducted across urban and rural areas with 80% being in the age group of 18-35 years.

According to the poll, more than 90% male respondents said they are ready to split the expenses which is a great shift from the mindset where the bride’s family had to bear the entire costs of the wedding.

In a country with a deep-rooted caste system, it comes as a surprise that 8 out of 10 Indians do not shy away from inter-caste marriages with more than 70% males saying that they do not think their partners should change their maiden names. This comes as a pleasant surprise with over 50% respondents being from tier 2 and 3 cities.

Commenting on this, Azhar Iqubal, CEO & Co-founder, Inshorts said, “With an egalitarian mindset on the rise, the concept of a marital relationship today clearly defies all conventional and linear lines of patriarchy; thus laying roots for a completely new society on the rise. Our current survey was focused on understanding the sentiments of our Indian youth on how this society is slowly and steadily taking shape.”

He added, “Over time, our Pulse of the Nation property has been a true reflection of the behavioural as well as perspective changes of Indians towards larger societal issues.”

When asked about the comfortness of the partner’s earning, only 7% Indian males said they are not comfortable with their partner earning more than them. This is again a great shift from the era when females were considered to be only home makers and males to be achievers in the society. Lastly, only 16% males get married under the influence of societal pressure while this percent is huge for females at more than 25%. 5% males have said that they want to get married only to fulfill their physical needs whereas 8% females have said that the reason for them is to have kids.

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