In a truly liberating move, 8 out of 10 women in India come out in support of live-in relationships! – Inshorts ‘Pulse of the Nation’ poll

  • The poll, conducted in the second week of May 2018 captured the views of 1.4 lakh netizens
  • More than 80% millennials think that live-in relationships are still considered a taboo in Indian society
  • More than 47% Indians are of the opinion that marriage is better when choosing between marriage and lifelong live-ins

New Delhi, May 17th, 2018 – With an increase in globalisation and exposure to western lifestyles, over the decades, urban Indian has experienced a massive shift in terms of culture and values. While sex is becoming a living room conversation more from the aspects of education, the live-in cat is still confined to the deepest corners of the taboo bag. In the wake of the recent case when the Supreme Court reiterated that adult couples staying together without getting married is recognised by the Indian law, inshorts conducted it’s latest ‘Pulse of the Nation’ survey to understand the opinion of the nation on the same. The poll captured the views of 1.4 lakh netizens across urban and rural areas with 80% being in the age group of 18-35 years.

According to the poll, more than 80% millennials think that live-in relationships are still considered a taboo in Indian society. However, even though it is such a controversial discussion, more than 80% Indians said that they do support live-ins as a way of life. Out of these, a whopping 26% went a step ahead and said that they would choose lifelong live-ins as an option over marriages. This shows that Indians are now slowly but steadily getting over their conservative views and accepting live-ins.

Another interesting fact noticed was that, 8 of out 10 women have shown their support for the live-in way of life. In spite of being constantly burdened with chauvinism and patriarchy, women of our society are more than happy to take the leap. Since this poll also has a reach in deepest pockets of tier 2 and tier 3 cities, it comes as a pleasant surprise that women there hold such liberal and empowering views.

Commenting on this, Azhar Iqubal, CEO & Co-founder, Inshorts said, “Live-in relationships, even after being legally recognised by the Government, is a forbidden subject of discussion in Indian households. Our current survey was focused on capturing the sentiments of our Indian youth on such delicate issues.”

He added, “Over the years, Pulse of the Nation has been a sincere effort to to bring to light the views of largely urban Indians, who are tech savvy, on prominent discussions of our country.”

Lastly, around 86% Indians are of the opinion that lust is not the sole reason behind live-ins, more than 45% say that it is more of compatibility testing before marriage. 45% respondents have also said that since the Indian society constantly judges unmarried couples staying together, any move by the judiciary to support this will not have any effects on their mindset.

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