Inshorts invites applications for its Inshorts Inclusives Campus Program

Inshorts is looking for young enthusiastic and innovative minds for its campus program – The Inshorts Inclusives Program. The Inshorts Inclusives is a community of like-minded students working towards Inshorts’ umbrella mission of #Stay Informed. The Inclusives being the torchbearers of the mission, are responsible for designing and executing plans and strategies to keep people informed of and connected to, their surroundings and the world at a larger level. Through this journey, an Inclusive gets exposed to the fields of marketing, content-writing, business development and strategy and gets a hands on experience in these areas.

What would be the work of an Inshorts Inclusive?

The main task of an Inclusive would be to come-up with innovative solutions to the given problem - of keeping people informed and creating awareness of the Inshorts app amongst the masses. With this problem statement in mind, an Inclusive would need to be on a constant look out for all possible modes and ways of tackling it. An Inclusive would be responsible for both the ideation and execution of such solutions.
Along with this, the Inclusives will also drive the initiative of connecting campuses across the country by creating and managing a common content platform for college students on the Inshorts app. For this they will need to ensure and manage their college’s presence on the app by collating all relevant news and information from their college.

What is the duration of the program?

The program would not be a one-time engagement program, but would work as an ongoing project, that a student would be engaged in alongside their college and other activities. There is no fixed duration for the program, every Inclusive would be required to complete a certain number of tasks, and every Inclusive’s pace would determine the completion of the program for them.

What are the incentives?

Through the program, an Inclusive would get an exclusive chance to hone their problem solving skills, develop realistic solutions and measure the applicability of their ideas in real world scenarios. It would be an opportunity for them to understand their interests and capabilities, and see what they are best at.
Apart from the overall learning experience, an Inshorts Inclusive would also be entitled to -

  • A Certificate of Experience (which can be shown as relevant work experience by the student)
  • A Letter of Recommendation
  • Funds and monetary benefits to run campaigns
  • Participate in various skill development workshops that would be conducted by Inshorts from time to time
  • Sponsored travel opportunities across the country for special projects assigned to top performing Inclusives.
  • Chance to network with other Inclusives from different campuses through team outings and other team bonding sessions
    If this excites you and you wish to be a part of the roller coaster ride to bring about a change, apply for the Inshorts Inclusives Program.

Last date to apply – 5th Jan, 2017

Please Note this opportunity is currently available for students in Delhi/NCR only.

If you wish your college/city to be a part of the next lap of the Inshorts Inclusives program, please drop us a mail at [email protected]