Inshorts launches new ‘Search’ feature

In an attempt to help users get an overall perspective about the content they are interested in and to help them discover related content for a deeper understanding, today we are launching the ‘Search’ feature.

The ‘Search’ feature will allow users to streamline their access to our vast collection of shorts published in the past and will help them retrieve shorts they have read earlier to TOSS and share.

Users can now search for keywords, to access a ranked list of related shorts along with a dynamic list of related topics to allow for seamless browsing of content. The dynamic topic suggestions will be based on keywords that include names of individuals and organisations.

Swiping from left to right while reading any short will launch the Search and Categories menu.

The Search bar will suggest keywords automatically as the user enters his query.

Users can also keep track of their recent search preferences by just clicking on the search bar.

Users will be presented first with a ranked list of shorts related to the keyword. Swiping right to left will show them a list of topics related to the keywords.

You are good to go! Start Searching now!

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