What Young India wants? – All findings of the Inshorts Youth of the Nation poll

India’s highest rated news app – Inshorts is proud to release the consolidated findings of the inaugural edition of its Youth of the Nation Poll which saw the participation of more than 1,40,000 respondents who contributed more than 10 lac responses to 30 questions that dominated headlines in 2015.

The objective of the poll was to reflect the viewpoint of young, urban smartphone-user Indians towards National Politics, State Politics, Social Issues, Women Safety, Foreign Policy, Business, Technology and Sports.


  • The Inshorts Youth of the Nation Survey was conducted on the Inshorts Android App from 26th Jan to 2nd Feb
  • ­ All Inshorts Users on Android were able to see polling cards (like one below) on their news-feeds: 
  • ­ Each polling card carried only one question with 3 standard responses – Yes, No and Not
  • Informed Enough
  • ­ All users had the option to vote on the card or just swipe up and choose to not vote for that
  • question on the card
  • ­ One polling card was served after a user swiped 15 news cards, therefore, the more news cards
  • a user swiped, the more questions he/she was able to respond to
  • ­ Overall, there were 30 questions and 30 polling cards that were served to the users
  • ­ The algorithm was designed in a way wherein a question which fetches higher response rate
  • from users, would be served to more users
  • ­ If a user voted for a card, he/she wasn’t served that question again
  • ­ Throughout the polling period, about 1,40,000 unique users voted for at least one question
  • ­ At the end of the polling period, more than 10,00,000 votes were cast
  • ­ The total number of votes cast for each question along with the total number responses for each of the options has been made public by Inshorts
    A detailed snapshot of the findings, illustrating the user profile, questions and the number of responses for Yes, No and Not Informed Enough for each question, can be viewed in the Infographic below. Any further questions about the

Any further questions about the Poll, and additional insights can be directed to poll@inshorts.com.

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