80% Indians support Capital Punishment for Rape

According to the findings of the Inshorts Youth of the Nation Poll, 80% Indians support Capital Punishment for committing Rape. The poll was conducted on the Inshorts Android app from 26th Jan to 2nd Feb 2016, wherein more than one lac forty thousand respondents contributed more than ten lac responses to 30 questions that dominated headlines in 2015. All questions had three options – Yes, No and Not Informed Enough.

When asked if Juveniles should be tried as adults for committing heinous crimes, a whopping 83% respondents agreed while about 11% respondents disagreed and about 6% respondents said they were not informed enough about the issue.

However, there was a less than a one-sided response to the question that if India is more unsafe for women than other countries with about 43% of the respondents saying it is indeed more unsafe for women than other countries and about 50% respondents disagreeing with the statement. About 7% respondents said that they were not informed enough to answer on the issue.

This is the second edition of a seven-part series of findings that have emerged from the poll; these would be released over a period of 2 weeks on the Inshorts app on Android and iOS. A detailed snapshot of the findings of the second edition, illustrating the user profile, questions and the number of responses for Yes, No and Not Informed Enough, can be viewed in the Infographic below.

Inshorts will undertake special efforts to inform its users on questions which got a high number of Not Informed Enough responses.

Any further questions about the Poll, its methodology and additional insights, can be directed to poll@inshorts.com.


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