65% Indians satisfied with the performance of the Modi Govt

According to the findings of the Inshorts Youth of the Nation Poll, 65% of Indians were satisfied with the performance of the Narendra Modi-led NDA Government in 2015\. The poll was conducted on the Inshorts Android app from 26th Jan to 2nd Feb 2016, wherein more than one lac forty thousand respondents contributed more than ten lac responses to 30 questions that dominated headlines in 2015\. All questions had three options – Yes, No and Not Informed Enough.

76% respondents agreed that the Foreign Trips undertaken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi have brought in significant benefits for the country and 67% think that his #MakeinIndia campaign is helping in the creation of jobs. When asked if the Swachh Bharat campaign was working, 53% respondents said Yes and 36% respondents said No, while the rest said they were Not Informed Enough.

However, there was a mixed response to questions regarding Inflation and Education & Healthcare. 46% respondents think that the Modi Government has been able to contain inflation, with 41% respondents polling against it. When users were asked if Education & Healthcare have taken a backseat under the Modi Government, 43% respondents said No while 37% respondents said Yes.

62% respondents also felt that the Government is not doing enough to address the issue of Farmer Suicides while 22% rallied behind the Government.

On the issue of the BJP’s alliance with the PDP in Kashmir, and if it was a betrayal of the interest of the Kashmiri Pandits, 36% said No, 22% said Yes and 41% said they were Not Informed Enough about the issue.

This is the first edition of a seven-part series of findings that have emerged from the poll; these would be released over a period of 2 weeks on the Inshorts app on [Android](http://goo.gl/2C1dlo) and [iOS](http://goo.gl/FhMhcU).  A detailed snapshot of the findings of the first edition, illustrating the user profile, questions and the number of responses for Yes, No and Not Informed Enough, can be viewed in the Infographic below.

Inshorts will undertake special efforts to inform its users on questions which got a high number of **Not Informed Enough **responses.

Any further questions about the Poll, its methodology and additional insights, can be directed to poll@inshorts.com.

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