We are launching Hindi!

At Inshorts, we continue to strive to keep people informed. We have had an amazing run in the last two years that vindicates our view that if journalism was born today, the content would look way different than the way it does today!

We continue to ask ourselves the question of how can we keep more and more people informed and make their lives better. The first hurdle for achieving that was the barrier of language. India has world’s largest English speaking population but English is not the most pervasive language and we have set our sights on Hindi! Hindi is the first language for a large number of people. As more and more first-time Internet users from all corners of India come on board, we want to present them the best quality content in their language.

We will continue to maintain the same standard of story selection and presentation with Hindi. It won’t be merely a translation of English short but will be written from ground up by a dedicated Hindi content team and will be sourced from Hindi news portals.

If you are existing user, you can change your default language in settings tab. We welcome your feedback on contact@inshorts.com

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