Life at Inshorts

At Inshorts, work is a lot more than work, but it seems a lot less like work. I have been associated with the company for more than a year now, and I strongly believe that the work culture provided here is what keeps people dedicated to work harder, thereby increasing productivity.

Apart from doing what I like doing, there are various other factors that keep me glued to Inshorts.

Welcoming atmosphere

Nobody has colleagues at Inshorts; they are either family or friends. The place is always throbbing with energy as it houses people with an average age of 24 years. The office is designed in a way that it makes everyone feel at home. Having a pool table (where no one is charged for playing), bean bags and recliners, a cafe which always serves coffee, snacks and conversations, a refrigerator decked with juices, chocolates and ice-creams, and a 108-inch TV for the game nights, goes well with the company’s work-at-ease concept. No day at office feels too long.

Team-building Activities

A lot of effort is put in to keep all members of the family gelled together. To ensure that everyone at Inshorts knows everyone else, an hour per week is dedicated for team-building activities. Apart from letting people have one-to-one conversations or crazy sessions of pool and FIFA, it also includes using the in-built sound system to shake a leg together. The team vacations that Inshorts organises for all members of the family become the cherry on the cake (we recently took trips to the Andamans and Hong Kong!).

Birthdays and Festivals

Any person’s birthday is a very special day for him/her (holds true for me at least!). However, my birthday with the Inshorts family this year was one that I’ll remember all my life, as people here made sure to make it memorable. Apart from birthdays of all members, festivals are also celebrated with great enthusiasm.

It’s not a workplace here at Inshorts. It’s a completely different world that they’ve created.

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