News in Shorts raises $20M from Tiger Global

During our college days, we noticed that most of our friends were not even aware of the basic happenings of the country and around the world. Although there were many media houses who used to write a lot of informative news, probably it was not being served in the manner which was easy to consume for this genre of users. Reporting and writing news versus delivering news in an easily consumable manner are two entirely different challenges.

The problem of delivering right content to the right person in the right format was unsolved back then. The idea to ease the process of delivering news, was simple- write the gist of the news in 60 words or less and deliver it to the user in an extremely simple way.

Media houses are experts in reporting and writing in-depth stories. So every brief about a news is linked to one of the media houses who has done an in-depth coverage about that story.

The goal is simple, make the news browsing easy for users, and help the users discover in-depth and informative content from the media houses. Writing a well-informed, detailed coverage is tedious task and takes a lot of effort. We want people to discover that piece of news, and appreciate the effort of the writer.

We have partly been able to do that as both users as well as media houses have started to appreciate the work. We recently crossed the one million downloads mark, and are currently the highest rated news app across the globe (in Play Store), which shows the kind of love our users are giving us.

After this round of investment, we will be able to deliver a much better experience going forward.

Our promise of delivering the best news reading experience by providing the right content to the right person in the right format stays and will continue to stay.

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