Matrimony meet ad lists ‘beautiful girls’ as young achievers. Would beauty be a deciding factor for you in marriage?

An advertisement for a Young Achievers Matrimony Meet in Bengaluru was recently published in the city edition of a newspaper. It described its ideal clientele as “highly successful young achievers”, people who are “specialists in their respective fields” and people from “ultra rich families”.

The advertisement went viral for listing “beautiful girls” under the Young Achievers category, along with “successful entrepreneurs”, IIT and IIM graduates, and “highly recognized young achievers”.

Following the controversy, we conducted a poll on the app to find if beauty is actually a deciding factor for people looking for a life partner, and got quite mixed results.

Over 40,000 people participated in the poll, with 57% of them responding with a No.
However, on further analysis, we found that for 51% of males beauty actually plays a decisive role in marriage, while only 20% females agreed.